Updating the Terminology for the Newest "Great Debate"

Obviously we were not prepared for the many new concepts introduced in the 2016 US Presidential Election (and in its wake.)

Here are a few definitions of altered reality and public statements, opinions, and official positions that may help clear up the confusion:

alternative fact (noun) (oxymoron)

1.) An imaginary “fact” created by a severing of the link between fact and reality.

2.) Fictional data invented to support an untenable claim.

See also:LIE, factrum, bullsh*t(n)

factrum (noun)

1.) LIE

2.) Fictional data not supported by any verifiable evidence or experience.

Synonyms: alternative fact, lie, horsepucky

Antonyms: fact, truth, accurate information

Govpinion: saying nothing with sincerely fabricated conviction. Example: High-level career bureaucrats trained to make press statements for government agencies that have screwed up in some major way. “After extensive and exhaustive (interminable) study it is the unanimous govpinion of our Expert Investigative Committee (freeloaders) that this problem (disaster) will not reoccur. (Pray!)”

Spinion: a glib and phony positive opinion designed by expensive public relations experts (“spin doctors”) to transform justifiable public outrage into gratitude and appreciation. “We are all motivated (paralyzed) by this rare opportunity (devastating hurricane) to reconstruct the vibrant city of New Orleans. Our (ignored) expert planners and (powerless) local focus groups are carefully studying all of the innovative (absurdly impractical) options. Your dedicated public servants (still squabbling over the spoils and the blame) stand ready to vigorously implement (exploit) the recommendations.”

Holypinion: dogma-based opinion. “The Holypinion of___________(deity or TV evangelist of your choice) demands that we must all bind our minds and scour our tongues and smite the faithless who do not agree with us.”

Omnipinion: omnipotent opinion of a dictator, editor, or mother-in-law. Question them...if you dare. “WHY?! Because in my Omnipinion that is what you should do...and you can start NOW!”

Yo-Yopinion: the slippery opinion of a flip-flopper subject to change when the person is under pressure to be popular, safe, or agreeable.

Prime example: Presidential candidates. “I believe in the sanctity of life (unless I am in San Francisco), in free trade (until it upsets my union base), and in strict law enforcement (for everyone but me and my shady campaign contributors in Southern Florida, Russia, and Northern Colombia)

BOOpinion: a spirited opinion usually stated as a dead certainty by those with only a medium level of credibility.

Antipinion: the contentious opinions of hard-core contrarians. Examples: William Buckley vs. Kenneth Galbraith or Donald Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell.

Yeppinion: the opinion of a “Yes” man. “Yes Sir! I couldn’t agree with you more! That is absolutely my yeppinion, too.”

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