TRUMPESE: new words - old con

Our news commentators and pundits, bless their hearts, are at a loss for words. Any reasonable attempt to describe the words and deeds of our erratic President not only undermines their credibility (too critical or too fawning) but also wastes valuable airtime. I suggest that we cut through the fog of adoration, politicizing, and vapid euphemisms, and introduce new terminology to describe the new political reality.

Based upon decades of seeing

THE DONALD consistently exhibit the behaviors of a vindictive, treacherous lecher, here are a few new terms to demystify the daily news.

TRUMPESE: The new vocabulary that defines and elucidates the traditional playbook of an old con.

This installment begins with an update of a traditional verb from the United Kingdom (UK):

trumple (verb)

1.) To crumple the facts & trample the truth

2.) To slander an individual or group.

esp. contemptuously or ruthlessly

Synonyms: con, deceive, defame, hoodwink, bullshit (verb)

3.) UK to pass wind loudly, flatulence

trumpling (noun)

1.) The act of defaming another person or group with malicious gossip.

2.) Using position or authority to destroy the reputation or career of a subordinate

esp. with the intent to avoid responsibility or to deflect blame from one’s self

“The trumpling of the FBI Director by the President was a disgraceful act deplored even by one member of his own party”

trumpish (adj)

1.) Simultaneously churlish and childish

2.) Displaying petulance and aggression in response to criticism or demands for accountability.

Synonyms: infantile, boorish, ill-bred, irresponsible

Antonyms: mature, civil, truthful, responsible

trumpus (noun)

1.) A premeditated outburst of raucous indignation, theatrical aggression, and orchestrated public outrage designed to divert attention from more serious matters.

2.) A flood of bogus reports and dubious information launched into the public arena with the intent of obscuring the truth and deflecting any effective investigation into causes and culprits.

trumpoon (verb)

1.) To boast loudly, to claim victories that do not belong to you.

2.) To trumpet misleading accomplishments or false achievements for purposes of public adoration, prestige, or self-aggrandizement. Synonyms: Braggadocio, Bluster

trumpoon (noun)

An unscrupulous buffoon who deceives with flamboyant lies for his own gain.

Synonyms: flimflammer, shyster, con man, rip-off artist

t-rumping (from the verb to t-rump

A form of sexual harassment popularized by THE DONALD

1.) Groping for dominance by intimidating and finger-mugging a non-consenting woman in a pubic place (then bragging about it.)

2.) To fondle somebody’s body for sexual pleasure, often roughly, awkwardly, and without the person's consent, with the smug expectation that fame, fortune, or influence will provide immunity from retaliation.


No doubt the unprecedented ongoing theatrics and shenanigans of our Capital Troop of Improvisational Players will necessitate additions to this list.

Return frequently for updates on the charade.

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